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Stephanie Lord, PhD

Clinical & 
Assessment Psychologist


About Dr. Lord

Clinical and Supervising Psychologist

I am a north county San Diego-based clinical and assessment psychologist. I have worked within many behavioral health care systems within southern California over the past 10 years. I specialize in complex psychological assessment and diagnostic testing. 


My clinical work focuses on providing the highest quality of care. I also aim to increase support for underserved populations through assessment and education by incorporating systemic, cultural, developmental, and contextual factors. Individual challenges and needs can be chronic or acute, have prevented treatment success, may involve multiple challenges at once, or these needs have been poorly understood by previous clinicians. 


Accurate diagnoses and a thorough understanding of each individual is critical to support and treatment success. I am dedicated to using evidence-based assessment and approaches to help build a better understanding of folx needs. A good evaluation should be simple, easy to understand, and incorporate multiple areas of an individual’s needs and strengths. While an assessment report should be easy for anyone to understand, it is important to provide a thorough evaluation that helps provide the “big picture” to a client and/or their family.

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