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Assessment Types

Neurodevelopmental Assessments

Neurodevelopment refers to how the brain grows and learns. Every individual grows and changes at their own pace.

A Neurodevelopmental assessment can help us understand how an individual is learning, growing, and developing. These assessments can identify symptoms related to Autism, ADHD, and other complex learning needs.   


With a commitment to neuroaffirming care, the goal of our evaluations are to incorporate all aspects of the individual;  strengths, language, cognition, mental health, etc. Assessments are tailored to each individual based on their unique personal goals. 

Psychological or Behavioral Health Assessment 

When someone has been given a diagnosis, several diagnoses, or has been in therapy for years, but they feel nothing has "fit," they may benefit from this type of assessment. 


These evaluations incorporate a number of standardized tests, objective measures, observation, and sometimes several interviews. Our goal is to help individuals find a more accurate and well-rounded understanding of their needs, and most importantly, with recommendations for more effective supports. 

Academic Accommodations

Higher education institutions and standardized testing companies often require individuals to seek evaluations for accommodations. Previous special education or academic assessments are often inadequate for these organizations to provide special accommodations. Our evaluations are carefully tailored to the needs of the individual and the institution through which they are seeking support. Many universities and testing boards have their own unique set of requirements for accommodations. 

This type of assessment and expert witness testimony involve the application of scientific or specialized knowledge of psychology to the answer specific legal questions and addressing legal matters. 

Our services can provide, but are not limited to, treating persons who are Court involved, offering expert opinion about psychological issues, serving as a trial consultant or otherwise offering expertise to attorneys, the Courts, or others, conducting research in connection with, or in the anticipation of, litigation, or involvement in educational activities of a forensic nature.

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